Innovative Mercedes-Benz fitness kit aimed at truck drivers

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Mercedes-Benz has launched the TopFit Set, an innovative fitness kit aimed at truck drivers. The German maker thinks helping professionals work out is a step forward towards a healthier, happier life.

No, this is not a joke. Mercedes-Benz really wants to keep truck drivers fit and we are not talking about another fancy ergonomically studied seat or bed, but a fully fledged fitness-to-go solution, called TopFit Set.

What the innovative Mercedes-Benz fitness kit wants to accomplish is basically cutting down time needed to go to the gym in between every long-haul trip, an essential feat for keeping the tight schedule of truck drivers in order.

Mercedes-Benz TopFit Set consists of a board of robust plywood, acting as a regular standing surface and two metal eyelets to which an additional set of rubber training straps are latched with a spring clip.

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In Mercedes’ own words, the fitness kit works like this: “The user puts his/her bodyweight on the board, and with dimensions of 65 x 40 centimeters it fits perfectly on the floor surface between the seats. The board comes with two pairs of tubes with different levels of training resistance. These are made from a special rubber formulation and have a constant rate of elasticity. It means that individuals of different sizes can train with the set, as the effort required remains constant however far the tube is being stretched.”

At no extra cost, Mercedes also offers a dedicated app in conjuction with four video exercises developed with official input from sports scientists.