Infiniti Q30. The Japanese A-Class is heading to Frankfurt

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class has an Asian brother. Called the Infiniti Q30, the Audi A3/BMW 1-Series rival will see the daylight at the Frankfurt motor show, this September.

The new Infiniti Q30 hatchback is not only the Japanese company’s first compact car, but also the first fruit of the cooperation with Daimler. At its foundation we find Mercedes’ own MFA compact car platform. The same modular architecture underpinning the entire family of compact Mercedes-Benz models, including the current A-Class, B-Class, CLA and GLA brothers.

Thankfully, Infiniti decided to apply its own design language, granting the new Q30 compact hatchback a rounder, more feminine look in the process, especially compared to Mercedes’ more angular, aggressive toned A-Class.

Infiniti has not announced any technical details. All we know is Mercedes will grant access to tweaked versions of its four-cylinder turbocharged petrol and diesel engines. The 2.2d plate adorning the side sills can only announce the same 2,1-litre diesel found under the A-Class’ bonnet. The definitive power output remains a mistery, though, as Mercedes might decide to put some distance between its own compact hatch and the new Q30 and supply Infiniti with a lower-powered version of the 170 HP/177 HP unit.

The new Infiniti Q30 won’t remain alone for long. From 2016, it will be joined by its sister QX30 compact crossover. Both models are set to be built at Nissan’s Sunderland factory in Great Britain.

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