Indian woman climbs on top of a Mercedes SUV after security guard winks at her

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The video of the woman up on the hood and then on the roof of a Mercedes has gone viral. But the young Indian has a reason for it. She had been winked at by the security guard of a Samajwadi Indian Party member.

23-year Sadhvi Pandey went bananas when she saw the man in the politician’s entourage winking at her, as she knew the party, including the head of it, Mulayam Singh Yadav, had previous misogynistic comments and actions referring to women and harassment.

She jumped off her scooter, climbed on the hood of the Mercedes SUV, tore the party’s flag and cracked the windshield, allegedly using her shoes.

During the street bustle, a security guard took her phone and hit it against the pavement, in order to get rid of the photos she had snapped, capturing the face of the security winking at her. The problem was solved later on, after a dispute that lasted for an hour. The security guard had to pay for Rs. 6,500 (about $100) for the damage to convince to come down the hood of the Mercedes SUV.

Sadhvi Pandey was angry also because the police was not on her side and did not try to help her in any way, even though they witnessed the whole street incident.

She was on her way to the doctor (not a psychiatrist!), but she never made it in time! Soon after the street scandal, the gunner of the Indian politician was sacked.