If only Pullmans could fly. Mercedes-Benz styles an Airbus EC145 Helicopter

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We are not sure if you were aware Mercedes-Benz also styles helicopters. Neither were we. The name of the creation in question is Airbus EC145, a special-edition twin-engine helicopter developed with input from the German company’s design arm.

Since the introduction of the EC145, Airbus has delivered only five units of the super-luxury model around the world. Considered the very epitome of style and exclusivity, EC145 is virtually a Pullman limousine with wings. Ok, not wings, but rotors.


The helicopter gets a distinctive front end and an impressive paint scheme with custom shrouding for the energy-absorbing skid-type landing gear, on top of that.

Created by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Division in Como, Italy, the interior is swathed in acres of fine leather and wood. Each Airbus EC145 helicopter features bespoke modular storage cabinets, an advanced in-flight entertainment system and subtle ambient lighting. An advanced autopilot system and avionics that help ensure the flight crew stays safely focused on the full operating environment are standard.


Airbus EC145 can accommodate up to six passengers with the seats mounted on tracks easily reconfigurable to answer a wide range of travel needs, from family vacations to executive transport. Easy loading and egress are assured by two rear clamshell doors.

If you really have to ask, it means you cannot afford it. Ok, then. Prices for the helicopter start at about $8.5 million.