Ice, Ice, Baby! Mercedes-Benz G-Class Made of Ice Drives and Sounds Like a Real Car

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We have seen gazillions of mods, upgrades and… downgrades for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. We have seen it carved in stone and in amber. But never have we thought we’d get to see a G made of ice.

What we have here is not new. But the team at Garage 54 has recently uploaded the ‘making of’ video on their YouTube channel. And here comes the G-Class made of ice again, driving and sounding like a real car. Not like a G-Class though, because this contraption started life in this world as a UAZ 469. It sounds like a UAZ, but it’s not a UAZ anymore.

The Garage 54 team stripped off that vehicle, just keeping its chassis. They built a brand-new frame with a boxier shape to follow the angular lines of the G-Wagen. And now they show the process step by step and disclose the details of the build.

Back in 2018, when they did it, they used no less than ten tons of ice. Every single ice brick served for a purpose. They cut and ground and then cut some more, putting pieces together like a puzzle. To put them together, the team injected water into the empty spaces left between the ice blocks and simply let it freeze.

A new stage of chiseling followed to make the ice look like a real G-Class as much as possible. The wheels are real, no ice was involved in that process. So the car drives like a real one. And it sounds just like a UAZ truck. The ice-made model sported what should be called a backlit body, since there were LEDs underneath, changing colors.

What happened with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class made of ice four years ago? As you’d expect, it melted. But as Olaf says in Frozen, “Some things (‘people,’ he said ‘people,’ we know) are worth melting for!”