Huge success for Mercedes-Maybach

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The Mercedes-Maybach sales has increased dramatically since Mercedes-Maybach became a Mercedes sub-brand. The main markets are China, South Korea, USA and Russia.

Maybach has sold maximum 600 units annually in the whole world in the best times as a independent brand under Daimler.

According the new Daimler strategy, Maybach is now a subbrand of Mercedes named Mercedes-Maybach. This strategy change was a brillant move and the first sales results are exceptionally very good.

Launched in November last year at Los Angeles Auto Show, Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has started in the first months of 2015 on the main markets.

After was repositioned as a subbrand of Mercedes, the prices has decreased significantly compared with the original Maybach. From a 360,000 – 450,000 euro price range we speak now about prices between 134,000 and 187,000 euro (german market).

Mercedes-Maybach S 400 4Matic: Special entry level version for China and Russia

According to auto motor und sport magazine, the main markets for Mercedes-Maybach are China, USA, South Korea and Russia which account 90% of the total Maybach sales. In China, sales are pushed by the special entry level version Mercedes-Maybach S 400 4Matic, which avoid the high taxation for cars with displacement bigger than 4,000 cmc.

Mercedes sold 500 units Maybach every month since its launch in February 2015. Maybach S 400 costs 212,500 euros in China, while the S 600 reach to 427,000 euros with taxes included.

In South Korea, annual target sales were already achieved. Introduced in April 2015, mercedes has planned to sell 200 units in the whole year. But 192 units were already delivered until the end of June and 150 other units were already ordered.

In South Korea, where the Special version S 400 4matic is not available, the prices starts from 180,200 euro for Mercedes-Maybach S 500 and 227,400 euros for S 600.

In Russia, Maybach sold 285 units in the first 6 months of 2015. This figure is not impressive alone, but the whole super luxury segment was only 545 units in the first six months. So, Maybach acquired more than 50%.

In Russia, Maybach starts at 107,000 euros for S 400 4Matic while S 600 is priced at 181,720 euros.

There are no clear sales figures for USA where only Mercedes-Maybach S 600 is offered for 189,350 USD.