How would a four door Maybach Coupe look like?

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Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 has stolen the spotlight these days. But it’s not all about the biggest and coolest coupe on Earth. How about a more practical four door Maybach Coupe variant?

Russian designer X-Tomi is quick to address the matter giving us a world-first glimpse on how would a four door Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 could look like. And it’s not bad. Not bad at all, we would say.

Not at all surprising, the four door Maybach Coupe rendering is the result of grafting the back of the Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept from 2015 on the elongated (larger than life) 5,7 meters body of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6.


This is exactly what Mercedes-Maybach designers would be having in mind for their own official version if it ever gets the green light after all, so X-Tomi’s take might be closer than you think to the real (hypothetical) deal.

The four door Maybach Coupe will probably remain a beautiful dream and nothing more than that. But its sleek design elements could trickle down the range if Mercedes ever decides to give the CLS the full Mercedes-Maybach treatment.