How To Tell if Your Car Tires Are Worn

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When do you need to replace the tires on your car? This is a very common question for all drivers, but especially those who are curious about prolonging the life and efficiency of their own personal transportation. Obviously if the tread on your vehicle’s tires are worn down significantly, to the point you see the cords of your radials, they will need replacement. Sometimes, even if your tire appears perfectly fine on the surface, you could need new tires. 

As illustrated by SimpleTire in this article, there are a handful of ways to identify if your vehicle’s tires need replacing. If you notice any of the following problems when visually inspecting your tires: cracks or cuts in the sidewalls; excessive tread wear; loss of tire air pressure; you should seriously consider replacing your tires as soon as possible. With more drivers hitting the roads every day, preparing your vehicle for safe travels can start with giving your vehicle a new feel with a fresh set of new tires.

Tires to your vehicle are like shoes on your feet essentially. New and fresh rubber will always be superior to old and worn rubber. Cracks or cuts in the sidewalls of your tires can lead to issues with traction and safety. The same can be said about the soles of your footwear and your own personal physical stability.  Always remember that the force applied to tires is amplified at higher speeds and when compromised by cracking and cuts, these penetrations to the surface of your tire can lead to tread separation and, inevitably, full-on tire blowouts. Tire blowouts are completely avoidable the majority of the time when you actively are inspecting your tires on a regular basis to identify any issues that need to be addressed.

Finally, if you see a bulging tire sidewall or if your tire is audibley and/or physically losing air, you should consider new tires. Low tire pressure while parked for long periods of time can form flat spots on your tires, while low tire pressure during driving can make your tires overheat in some instances. Improper tire inflation can make your vehicle unsafe to you and others on the roadways so it is always best to consult your vehicle’s owners manual for recommended tire pressure settings. Your vehicle’s tire pressure settings can also, sometimes, be found inside the driver’s door jamb.  will serve to keep your ride safe and more fuel efficient when cruising the highways and side streets.

Some of the most important factors of tire safety include a visual inspection of the tread depth of each individual tire, which can also help to identify uneven wear issues. Looking to see how much tread is left on each tire is important but the overall condition is just as important, if not moreso. You should obviously replace your tires if they have worn tread but you should also consider replacing them due to age, excessive road noise, excessive vibrations, flat spots, or other issues. While some vibrations can be remedied with tire balancing or tire rotations, on an aged set of tires, it is always recommended to replace, rather than risk an incident on the roadways.

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