How Mercedes-Benz is fighting the coronavirus pandemic?

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Mercedes-Benz has been readying its weapons to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The premium car company has shown a changed logo to promote social distancing, has donated vehicles to public institutions and has offered help in building medical components.

Unprecedented measures have been taken by state governments across the world, in order to minimize the spread of the virus that has already killed over 76,000 people worldwide.

Mercedes-Benz has come up with several weapons to fight the pandemic. The Formula 1 team and the passenger cars manufactured have offered help with building medical components, such as breathing-assistance devices, that the hospitals suffocated by the avalanche of patients badly need.

In Spain, the company has donated several Sprinter and Citan units to hospitals. With over 140,000 cases of COVID-19, the Iberian state is one of the most states affected by the epidemics.

Mercedes-Benz coronavirus pandemic

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz India will set up a temporary hospital in Pune to offer hospitalization facilities to the coronavirus patients.

The economy, car manufacturing included, has switched off engines until further orders from governments that now forward measures of social distancing. Mercedes-Benz has already shown support with a new logo uploaded on the company’s Facebook page. The new symbolic emblem features the same familiar ring and star in the middle, but they get additional space between them, as we have recently shown.

Others have done it as well

Mercedes is not the only car company supporting the concept of social distancing. All-time rival BMW has posted a 4-minute movie on YouTube, showing a young man driving a BMW to remote places in order to practice social distancing. “Let’s beat Covid-19, it’s up to you to flatten the curve”.

Volkswagen and Audi have also shown new logos on social networks, to convince fans to keep the physical distance from each other for the time being and to amuse them in the hard times they are all going through. Therefore, similar to the approach taken by Mercedes-Benz, the individual elements of the companies’ emblems no longer touch.