How fast can a 1988 Mercedes-Benz 190D W201 go on the autobahn?

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Mercedes-Benz W201 came as a luxury saloon back in 1982 and the first compact model of the premium car maker. It was designed by Bruno Sacco and available in three different engine variants, with the 190D on the list. But how fast can it go today, 32 years after its birth?

Top Speed Germany carried out a speed test with the Mercedes-Benz 190D W201. The vlogger, going by the name of Max, took the car out for a joyride on the autobahn and pushed the pedal to the metal.

The predecessor of the C-Class family, the W201 that is 32 years of age, proves that it still got it. Powered by the 2.0-liter M601 diesel engine that developed 72 horsepower and 123 Newton meters of torque, with a 4-speed manual and rear-wheel drive, the model still shows vigour on the motorway.

The technical specification of the iconic model displays a maximum speed of 160 km/h and an acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in a not-so-impressive-today time interval of 18.1 seconds. The four-door sedan weighed 1,110 kilograms. It measured 4,42 meters in length, 1,68 meters in width and 1,38 meters in height, featuring a wheelbase of 2,66 meters.

Can the Mercedes-Benz 190D W201 still go that fast today?

Apparently, it can go even faster than the official figures dared to claim back in the late ‘80s. The video posted by Top Speed Germany (watch it below) shows the speedometer of the iconic model going farther and farther and stopping as far as it is scaled: no less than 180 km/h.

The test was carried out along a sector of the autobahn where there is no speed limit. The 30-year old sedan overtakes way newer models and sprints to glory.

Max, the vlogger from Top Speed Germany, usually performs such tests with various cars, regardless of their age or propulsion. “Don’t try this if you are not an experienced driver!!!” he warns.