How does the Mercedes-Benz Trailer Manoeuvring Assist work?

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Mercedes-Benz Trailer Manouevering Assist makes life easier onboard and helps drivers reverse with much ease. How does it actually work?

Reversing with a trailer is a nightmare? Not any more, Mercedes-Benz claims, as the company gives customers the chance to order the Trailer Manouevring Assist. The Mercedes-Benz GLE and the GLE Coupe, as well as their standard variants have it.

Ticking the box for the option when ordering the car will help drivers drive backwards with more confidence and more precision, especially when they need to make the move in tight spaces.

What do drivers need to do to use the Trailer Manoeuvring Assist?

All that drivers need to do to use the feature is to engage the reverse gear and, when the vehicle is stationary, press the park button on the touchpad in the center console or select the function via the touchscreen. Thus the car moves forward and backward as desired. After driving forward to set up the assistant, the system can be activated up to a maximum incline of 15%

Mercedes engineers say that it helps experiences and inexperienced drivers just as much. They do not need to battle poor visibility, nor count on the help of others.

The premium car maker makes a demonstration of the system in a new video. The one-minute-and-a-half movie shows a father and his very demanding young girl transporting a pony to a children’s tournament. The girl seems furious with her father, driving a Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 4MATIC+ Coupé, for being late and questions his ability to reverse the car with the trailer that carries her pony.

They eventually get there on time, while another driver, who does not benefit from the help of the Manoeuvring Assist feature, has to stress out in order to fit his car and trailer into a tight parking space. Finally the young girl seems to be content.