How does the CAMTRONIC innovative engine management work

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Mercedes-Benz details the new CAMTRONIC, an innovative engine management system that reduces an engine’s CO2 emissions. 

The new system optimizes fuel consumption in the engine’s frequently used lower partial load range by reducing losses relating to load change behavior.


CAMTRONIC operates mechanically, but is served by an electronically controlled actuator. The intake camshaft is made up of several components: two hollowed-drilled sub- shafts of equal size are mounted on the carrier shaft.

The first sub shaft controls the intake valves of cylinders 1 and 2, and the second those of cylinders 3 and 4. The cams themselves take the form of a double-cam with two curved surfaces.

12C519_32The surface operating the valves via roller-type rocker arms is only half as wide as on a conventional cam, therefore the space requirement is the same. When the steeper half of the cam is active, the valve lift is increased and the valves remain open for longer. Switching to the flatter half of the cam shortens the valve lift and the valves close sooner.

Mercedes-Benz equips its 1.6-liter variant of the M270 four-cylinder gasoline engine with the intake valve lift adjustment amongst others.