How cheap is the new Mercedes EQA?

price comparison Mercedes EQA vs GLA 250, GLA 250 e
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A few days ago, Mercedes presented the prices of the new Mercedes EQA. How cheap is the new Mercedes EQA compared to the GLA 250 petrol version and the GLA 250 Hybrid Plug-In?

At the start, the  Mercedes EQA is only available in a front-wheel drive version and a single electric motor that develops 190 HP.

Therefore, we compared it with the conventional version GLA 250 (front-wheel drive) equipped with 2-liter turbo engine and 224 HP mated with 8-speed automatic transmission and the Plug-In Hybrid version GLA 250 e equipped with 1,33 liter-turbo engine and 160 HP and a 102 HP electric motor, located between the heat engine and the 8-speed automatic transmission. The cobined power is 218 HP.

All three versions are built on the MFA II platform, so the GLA is the only premium compact SUV that currently has diesel, petrol, Plug-In Hybrid and full electric versions.

Here is the list of starting prices:
Mercedes GLA 250        224 HP     43.238,65 euro
Mercedes GLA 250 e    218 HP      46,183,90 euro
Mercedes EQA              190 HP       47.540,50 euro

These are bonus-free prices and everywhere in Europe there are substantial bonuses for Plug-In Hybrid and electric models.
If we take the example of Germany, electric models with prices between 40.000 and 65.000 euros benefit from a net bonus of 7.500 euros (8.925 euros with 19% VAT), and PHEVs with prices between 40.000 and 65.000 euros also have a bonus of 5.625 euros
(6,694 euros with 19% VAT).

Taking into account the bonuses, the purchase prices are as follows
Mercedes GLA 250        224 HP     43.238,65 euro
Mercedes GLA 250 e    218 HP      39.489,90 euro
Mercedes EQA              190 HP       38.615,50 euro

This means that at the moment, the electric version is the cheapest followed by the PHEV version.
At the start EQA is available with the Edition 1 package, 8,520.40 euros, which includes the Advance package (10.25 inch screens for the multimedia and digital instrument cluster, blind spot assistant, parking package with reverse camera), 20 inch alloy wheels, front heated seats, neva gray leather upholstery, AMG Styling package.

In addition to the special launch series, customers can choose three packages:
Progressive (standard, with 18-inch alloy wheels, Artico leather/fabric upholstery)
Electric Art 940.10 euros
AMG Line 3558.10 euros

Mercedes EQA can be configured with the Advance package (2570.40 euros), Advance Plus package (3,677.10 euros, brings in addition a Hi-Fi audio system and Thermotronic climate) or Premium package (5,557.30 euros, brings in addition the panoramic sunroof, 360 degree camera and Burmester Hi-Fi audio system)

The same Edition 1 package costs 7,616 euro la GLA 250.  

But in this case it does not include the two 10.25 inch displays that are available for 3552.15 euros in the MBUX High End package.

Also, at GLA 250, the Progressive package is not standard and costs 1.588,65 euros. The basic Style package also costs 666,40 euros and the AMG package has the same price of 3558.10 euros like in case of Mercedes EQA.

In the case of the Mercedes GLA 250, the same Edition 1 launch package is offered at the same price as the GLA 250, of 7.616 euros.
In fact, the GLA 250 e is configured the same as the GLA 250, being available the same Style, Progressive and AMG Line packages that have the same prices.

Obviously, Mercedes is trying to support the sales of the electric version.
Besides the fact that the Mercedes EQA is the cheapest after the application of the bonuses, it has a better standard equipment than its rivals with conventional propulsion and PHEV.

The Progressive package that costs almost 1600 euros in case of GLA 250 and GLA 250 e is standard foir Mercedes EQA and the Edition 1 launch package is much more complete. It includes two 10.25-inch screens that cost few thousand euros more in case of rivals.