Hot 550 hp Mercedes-AMG GT-R comes out to play. LATEST INFO

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Mercedes is poised to bring a ballistic road legal Mercedes-AMG GT3 to market, called the Mercedes-AMG GT-R. Now, the first prototype of the hardcore sports car was caught testing in the far north.

Visually, the road-going Mercedes-AMG GT-R is expected to closely mimick the GT3 racing version – pictures show a fixed large rear wing, complemented by an active diffuser and the centrally positioned quad-tailpipes. Sure, these elements are not as extroverted in style as those found on the track version, although similarities do exist. At the front, we notice a modified apron with larger air intakes and additional aero-flaps.


Getting under the hood, this is where things start to look significantly different. The SLS 6.2L naturally aspirated V8 with an output of 520 hp of the GT3 racer is gone. Instead, the road version Mercedes-AMG GT-R comes with a 550 hp 4.0-liter V8, the top guise for AMG’s proud and joy bi-turbo unit used with great succes on the regular GT.

mercedes-amg-gt3Road going, but still track oriented, the Mercedes-AMG GT-R is expected to get bespoke suspension settings, larger brakes, plenty of lightweight materials and new alloy wheels equipped with wider tires. Inside everything will also be trimmed in Sport style: racing seats, Alufinish and special GT-R logos and emblems.

The official premiere of the Mercedes-AMG GT-R is slated for the Geneva motor show, this March.