Honey, I shrunk the G-Class: Mercedes G-Class sedan

Imagination: Mercedes G-Class sedan
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In essence, many SUVs are derived from hatches or station wagons. But what if real off-roaders turned into sedans? Budget Direct Car Insurance imagined few sedans derived from legendary off-roaders would look like. Here’s what a Mercedes G-Class sedan might look like.

Credit photo: Budget Direct Car Insurance

SUVs are all the rage today. The high driving position and all-wheel drive have attracted more and more customers. There are many SUVs based on hatch and limousines platforms with which they share the same range of engines.

But there is also a category of traditional off-roaders that are not derived from other body shapes. We tried to dream a little and see what some sedans derived from legendary off-roaders would look like.

1.Mercedes G-Class sedan

The new generation Mercedes G-Class is wider but retains the boxy silhouette that made it famous and the round headlights. Due to this silhouette it is harder to imagine as a sedan but not impossible. And the result is appealing.

The massive hood, the Pan American grille and the classic round headlights are present. The bumper is not new but is a small-scale version of the G-Class. The heavily flared wheel arches to make way for the G-Class’s large rims remind us of the Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 AMG also known as the Pig. In contrast to the fluid shapes of the S-Class, the Mercedes G-Class sedan seems to have come from the era of retrodesign, but we must admit that it is a presence that attracts the eye. But unfortunately we do not think that Mercedes will ever think of such a version but the dream remains.

Mercedes G-Class reimagined as a sedan

2.Jeep Wrangler sedan 

Transforming the Jeep Wrangler into a sedan was simpler than the G-Class. The sedan takes the shape of the hood, the 7-slot grille, bumper, headlights and turn signals from Wrangler.

The wheel arches are no longer as flared as the off-roader and the windshield is a little more inclined.
The roof is flat like at the off-roader and flat doors have been kept but the hinges are now hidden from view. And unlike the off-roader, the main elements of the body are no longer removable.

Jeep Wrangler reimagined as a sedan

3. Hummer sedan

The Hummer sedan is created from a Hummer H2. The grille and the headlights from Hummer have been preserved, as well as the exterior door handles and the narrow windows that give the feeling of an armored car.

However, the bumper is completely new, being adapted to the aerodynamic criteria of a sedan. An original note is given by taking the external mirrors similar to a periscope from H2.

Hummer reimagined as a sedan

4. Land Rover Discovery sedan

Due to the more fluid shapes, the mission of transforming the Land Rover Discovery into a sedan was easier. The metamorphosis of the new Defender was probably more complicated due to its more square shape.

Of all the models presented, this Land Rover sedan has the chance to see it on the streets one day because Land Rover is thinking of a sedan/station wagon called Road Rover which is actually a Range Rover for the road.

The headlights with fluid shapes and oblique grille fit perfectly on a sedan while the bumper has been modified to receive more generous air intakes on the side.

It is the most aerodynamic sedan of all. The rear pillar could not be picked up at the sedan but would look great at the station wagon.

Land Rover Discovery reimagined as a sedan

Source: Budget Direct Car Insurance