High reliability for Mercedes models in TUV report 2020

TUV report 2020
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No other brand has performed as well in the TUV report 2020 as Mercedes. Most models have achieved very good results, above average, with one exception.

Mercedes proved once again its exceptional reliability, obtaining very good results in the TUV 2020 report. Mercedes obtained the victory in three classes but also the overall winner.

The overall winner is Mercedes GLC which won the title of the most reliable car for the first time. With a defect rate of only 2.17%, the Mercedes GLC outperformed the Porsche 911 (defect rate of 2.2%).

Thus, the Mercedes GLC also won the SUV class while the Mercedes A-Class won the compact class with a defect rate of only 2% and Mercedes C-Class ranked first in the middle class with a defect rate of 2.7%.

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The Mercedes B-Class is the most reliable van with a defect rate of only 2.4% and the Mercedes SLC is the best built roadster with a defect rate of only 2.4%.

The only model with poorer results was the former generation Mercedes E-Class (W212) in the 5-year-old car category.

One explanation is that the Mercedes E-Class models subjected to TUV checks have more kilometers on board than the average category. Therefore, if you are looking for a used E-Class, it is good to look for models with a decent number of kilometers on board.