High demand for Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and G-Class in the first 9 months of 2021

Two digit growth for mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and G-Class
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Mercedes sales increased by 3% to 1,617,308 units in January-September 2021 while sales of electrified models (electric and PHEV) increased by no less than 142.7% to 184,369 units.

Sales of electrified models exceeded all expectations, registering an increase of 142.7% to 184,369 units. This result is due to the very good figures recorded by the full electric models. In 9 months of 2021, 13,021 Mercedes EQA and 17,938 Mercedes EQC were sold. It is expected that the sales of electric models will continue to increase in the next months after the new EQS was launched in August 2021.

Total sales increased 3% to 1,617,508 units. Mercedes sales results would have been even better if there had been no semiconductor crisis. This affected sales in the third quarter of 2021 and especially in September 2021.

The increase in sales of the luxury sub-brands AMG, Maybach and G-Class also played an important role in the return of sales. At the online Shareholders General Meeting  in October 2020, Mercedes decided to intensify and further develop the range of models under the luxury brands AMG, Maybach and G-Class, and now the first results are observed.

Mercedes-AMG sales reached 116,394 units (+ 30.6%), G-Class sales increased by 29.6% to 31,637 units, and Mercedes-Maybach sales increased by 41.8% to 10,809 units.Maybach’s growth is primarily due to the launch of the new generation Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. In fact, the S-Class luxury limousine registered a massive increase of 45% to 62,306 units.

By regions, sales increased in Asia Pacific by 5.6% to 788,713 units of which 592,203 units in China (+ 4%). And in North America, sales increased by 8.6% to 248,086 units due to the very good result recorded on the US market, of 215,776 units (+ 9.6%).
In contrast, in Europe, sales fell by 3.5% to 528,180 units, the largest decrease being in Germany by -20.1%.