Hello, Mercedes! Can I park here? MBUX infotainment system recognizes dangerous areas

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Thanks to the latest MBUX infotainment system and its Hello, Mercedes! feature, future Mercedes-Benz models will know through the use of crime figures where drivers can or can not park their cars.

By comparing statistics from the police with available parking spaces, the car can find “the perfect parking place”. That’s what Mercedes software developer Markus Ehmann told Australian Drive magazine. “We are working on a software that can show for an area where a chosen parking lot is found how much crime there has been in recent weeks,” he said.

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During the software development, the technicians set to work with Seattle as an exemplary city. The system works with three colors. A green area is where it is completely safe to park your Mercedes, in a yellow neighborhood it is “okay”, while you should drive further away if red is what MBUX is showing you. The MBUX infotainment system is already featured on the latest generations Mercedes-Benz A-Class and GLE.

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In addition to (un) safe places, the walking distance to the final destination and current parking fees will be visible in the future within the MBUX infotainment system. Mercedes still has to look at how many neighborhoods and registered crimes databases are feasible for the system that is still under development.