Hear that engine howl and growl – First video of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

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The newly presented hybrid Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is anything but silent. Powered by a high-tech trio made up of a 4.0-liter V8, an electric motor and lightweight batteries, the 4-door GT sounds just like the sports car that it is!

805 HP found room in the company’s first performance hybrid vehicle that has been presented today in Geneva, on a hectic day that saw premieres for a whole year. The 4-door coupe, which is not a CLS, not an S-Class, not an AMG GT, but a bit of each, is now shown in the first video released by the 3-pointed star company. And that engine sounds simply delicious!

The concept is a preview of the future production AMG GT, that might end up being called the AMG GT4 to indicate its visual and performance relation to the AMG GT coupe.

Check out all technical details of the first performance hybrid 4-door GT right here!