Have they tried it all yet? Mercedes-AMG GT4 stars in a video tease!

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The Mercedes-AMG GT4 has started its very own countdown. The 4-door supercar shows sensual lines in a 15-second promotional video, ahead of its full reveal next week at the Geneva Motor Show.

The concept is the Mercedes-AMG’s latest attempt to go into every single terrain ever invented. The 4-door version of the Mercedes-AMG GT has already been approved for production. Similar to the head of the sports cars’ family, the GT4 might be different in every way, from head to tail. It will come with the thin bladed Panamericana radiator grille, in the fashion of the facelifted GT, powered by the same 4.0-liter V8, but with a twist, with elongated taillights and with – what is visibly present – active aerodynamics, similar to that of the GT R. With 577 horsepower, the latter is the strongest member of the GT family.

To put it even farther away from the coupe, it has been rumoured that the 4-door AMG GT might use the MRA platform that currently underpins the C-, E- and S-Class model.

Is the GT range getting diluted? Some may say yes, since we already have the standard GT, the GT S, the GT R, the GT Roadster and the GT C Roadster, so the GT4 is the sixth member of this pure AMG DNA dynasty. The first GT of the range saw the light of day in September 2014.

Whether Mercedes needs a 4-door sports car or not, we’ll live and see. The Mercedes-AMG GT4 will come into the world to care off its main rival now on the market, the Porsche Panamera.

Check out the first photo released by Mercedes-AMG right here!