GSC shows some blue love to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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In recent years, tuners have showed a lot of interest in the sharp edges and angled surfaces of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The poor car has been through a lot – including some pink paint – but even so, it still exudes manliness like nothing else. 

This time, the roughest of the Mercedes-Benz range has fallen into the hands of the German Special Customs, a (you guessed it) German tuning outfit. The Geländewagen must have felt right at home.

You can never tell where the requirements of the owner end and where the imagination of the tuning house begins. One thing is certain: if the owner doesn’t like blue, then he’s in deep trouble.

GSC chose a very deep shade of blue for the metallic paint of the car, the kind of color you would expect to find on a smaller, sports car (like the Skoda Octavia vRS, for example). Whether is suits the G-Wagon or not is a matter of taste – personally, I find anything other than black, silver, dark grey or military olive a bit out of place on the G-Class.

GSC | MercedesBlog.comIt wasn’t just the paint shop that had work to do. The body of the original G 400 CDI was also heavily transformed to make it look more like a G 63 AMG than a diesel guzzler, an impression that will swiftly be shattered by the engine sound as soon as you turn the key (I should really get used to saying “push the button”).

The final project doesn’t have a specific name, so we’ll just call it Red. Why? Well, because Blue would have been so obvious. So, Blue is completely wrapped up in carbon fiber, anything new that went on the car being made out of this light yet rigid material. So you’ve got carbon fiber sills, carbon fiber front and rear bumpers (the front ones include daytime running LED lights, of course) and some carbon fiber extravaganza on the hood.

The wheels are 22 inches in diameter which, unless you’re talking about a mine truck, is a lot. The authors, however, seem to be pretty proud about their creation judging from the number of badges spread all over the car. Whether they actually are entitled to feel this way or not, only you can decide.