Gordon Cheng makes the S-Class sound like an F1 car

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The W140 Mercedes S-Class is considered by many to be the best luxury car ever built by Mercedes. Now, Gordon Cheng, Japanese tuner and youtuber, also gave it the voice of a Formula 1 car.

I don’t even remember exactly how I got to Gordon Cheng’s Youtube channel. Maybe I was watching old F1 onboard footage when I got his videos recommended on Youtube, but that doesn’t matter. I can’t decide from the illegally (actually based on what’s told in the video) roaring V12 S-Class, if it’s just a remake of all good tastes, or simply a mentally ill, unusual, but in its own way, funny joke.

Oh, the mighty W140, called the Whale. With a length of over five meters and a classic sedan shape, a tidy specimen of the W140 Mercedes S-Class still looks elegant today.

But, back to Cheng or his channel called effspot. In the video, the V12 Mercedes is taken back after conversion. No less than $12,000 worth of yen was spent on it, so that it would finally have the sound of the old Formula 1 cars. Based on the video, the surgery was successful, but the patient died as nothing was left of the W140’s dignified, restrained glide. On the contrary, it has become an excellent tool for intimidating the people of Tokyo.

I admit, after the first acceleration, I started laughing at the video maker at once, but if your ears don’t ring after consuming all the material, don’t worry. You will definitely want to see it and hear it again. Do just that, as I’ll be going and relax my eardrums a little now.