Gorden Wagener named as Chief Design Officer of Daimler

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Gorden Wagener has been named as Chief Design Officer of Daimler, at Executive Vice President level. The Daimler AG Board of Management has approved the creation of the all-new position with effect from 1 November 2016. 

Gorden Wagener has been at the helm of the globally operating Design unit of Daimler AG since mid-2008 and with his international team he is responsible for the design of all the company’s brands and products. His team is not only based in Sindelfingen but also operates in Advanced Design Studios in California, Italy and China, and in five more of the Group’s sites.

Dr Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars: “Good design is much more than simply creating beautiful products: it combines function with fascination and gives brand values an unmistakable form. We are delighted that, under the leadership of Gorden Wagener, our design team is among the best in the industry. Because the global sales success of our vehicles is, after all, in part due to their outstanding design.”

Gorden Wagener’s signature as the Head of Design is borne by all the current passenger cars from the brand with the star, including the high-performance models from the Mercedes-AMG brand, the most exclusive models from Mercedes-Maybach, and also the products from the smart brand plus all the Group’s commercial vehicles.

Gorden Wagener was born on 3 September 1968 in Essen, Germany. Following his Industrial Design degree at the University of Essen (1990-1993) he went on to specialise in Transportation Design at The Royal College of Art in London. Before he joined Mercedes-Benz in 1997 he worked as an exterior designer for various brands.