Gone in 60 seconds! That’s how you break the time record stealing a brand-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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60 seconds exactly. That is how much a couple of car thieves needed to snatch a brand-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class from the owner’s driveway. The British police is asking for the help of those who may have information on the theft.

the Mercedes was simply unlocked and stolen without the perpetrators needing any key at all. The video recorded by the surveillance camera shows how the two of them get off a car and get close to the Mercedes carrying a relay box. A tiny device that can capture signals through walls, doors and windows. Once the signal from the car key captured, the central locking is easily tricked and the doors of the car open just as that.

Even though the entire theft act was recorded, the local police is still looking for the expert thieves and for the stolen mid-size sedan. The stealers wore overalls that perfectly covered their features.

The authorities told the car owners to ask their dealers how they can protect the properties parked in front of their homes. This also involves mounting a software that would supply data about the location of the car, in case it eventually gets stolen. Additionally, the police recommends using equipment that can block the access of the relays used by the thieves for intercepting the car key signal.