Gone in 20 seconds – Thieves steal new C-Class from owner’s driveway

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He waited for the new C-Class to be delivered to him for months, since he first laid eyes on the car in a photo on the internet. And it finally arrived. He proudly brought it home and parked it in his driveway. But he had no time to enjoy it much. Thieves stole it in a heartbeat.

It was easy and fast, as easy and fast as it can be to steal a modern car. It happened in Essex, United Kingdom and the whole incident was filmed by the owner’s surveillance camera.

The car thieves only needed approximately 10 seconds to boost the signal of the key into their transmitter encased in what seems to be a simple a key cloning device. They took another 10 to switch places inside the car and drive away with it, as if it was their own. Smoothly and definitely not in a hurry, as nothing suspicious could be noticed about them.

Hours later, the owner was shocked. His new C-Class was nowhere to be seen. He checked the surveillance camera and posted the video on the internet, hoping to get a helping hand from those who might be able to provide information. He reported the car theft to the police in Essex, but no word on his vehicle yet.

“Had my car stolen last night. Anyone got keyless, go make sure you double click the lock button our put keys in a metal box. Apparently, this deactivates the key.”

The owner mentioned that the thieves also deactivated the GPS tracker of the Mercedes, so there is really not much he, nor the authorities can do to locate it.

Video source: ViralHog