Glitzy G 65 AMG in Dubai

Mercedes G 65 AMG
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If you’re going to Dubai this upcoming holiday, remember to get some extra money with you. You might wanna give up your return air ticket and go back home driving this monster. The Al Ain dealership has this extreme G 65 AMG for sale.

Glitzy? Garish? Ghostly? Goofy? Gassy? Gamy? Well, yeah, that’s our guy, all in one! The Mercedes G 65 AMG that Brabus worked on is for sale in a Dubai dealership.

G 65 AMG 4

In the city where the policemen practically drive racing cars, this G is definitely going to stand out. And in. And inside-out.

Let’s start with what is impossible to guess when you look at it. In normal situations – but what is normal about Brabus? – the G would run on a V12 6.0-liter turbocharged engine, pumping out 612 HP and 1100 Nm. But the tuner thought it just wasn’t enough for the land of the rich. So now, the G has got 800 HP and 1420 Nm of torque. Being a giant comes with perks and losses. But we could only see the benefits of it so far. The G 65 AMG by Brabus reaches 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds. Its speed – unlike the police cars – is limited down to 250 km/h.

And remember all those adjectives in the beginning? We mentioned “glitzy” and that’s just what this is, as it comes with completely red interior, the reddest red you could ever imagine.

G 65 AMG 9

A solid WIDESTAR body kit with carbon fiber vented hood, roof spoiler, front & rear fender flares, front skirts, front bumper add-on together with extra LED daytime running lights make it more special than the special standard G itself.

And in order to sell it as fast and as expensive as possible, the car dealership mentions the multicolored LED lights inside the door panels, cooled front seat (the temperatures go up to 45 degrees Celsius in summertime in Dubai, so the driver will surely need a cooled seat instead of a heated one) and other facilities that work on advertising.

You’ve got to be a little gaga (in a good way, that is…) to get this boxy guy home. But on the other hand, gaga is good!