GLA killer? All-new BMW X2 SUV Coupe first photos and info

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BMW X2 new SUV Coupe has been unveiled. Featuring coupe-style sportiness and elegance, the BMW X2 features square wheel arches, accented exhaust tailpipes, and a distinctive silhouette side design and loop line.

The BMW X2 is a model that demonstrates the excitement of new driving with its unique design and sportiness. The BMW X2 is a city-centered SAV that is aimed at young consumers who live in cities and live an active life and enjoy digital life.

The striking part of the exterior of the BMW X2 is the front grille that spreads downward from the top of the existing kidney grill to the bottom. In addition, smaller grills were placed below the headlamps to emphasize the dynamic style and width of the car. The BMW logo on the C-pillar was inspired by the some of the most popular classic BMW coupes, the 2000 CS and the 3.0 CSL.

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In the powertrain department, the BMW X2 will initially be released in three variants, all turbo and all with four-cylinders. The gasoline line-up consists of only the 192 horsepower X2 xDrive20i, while the range will be completed by two diesels: 190 horsepower X2 xDrive20d and 231 horsepower X2 xDrive25d.

Seven-speed Steptronic dual-clutch transmissions for gasoline models and eight-speed Steptronic transmissions for diesel models will be standard. BMW will add more entry powertrains early next year: a three-cylinder X2 sDrive18i, four-cylinder X2 sDrive20i, X2 sDrive18d and X2 xDrive18d.

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In the BMW X2, the M sports suspension is standard, emphasizing agility and handling. The M sports suspension has a tight spring and damper setting and a lower body height. An optional dynamic damper control is provided.

The BMW X2 is scheduled to launch commercially worldwide in March 2018.

Via: Top Rider