Girl driving a Mercedes-Benz in the latest TV ad promoting women behind the wheel in Saudi Arabia

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The latest Coca-Cola TV commercial aired in Saudi Arabia supports women willing to drive. In the video, there is a teenager whose father teaches her the first steps of driving. In Saudi Arabia, women will finally be allowed to drive starting mid-208.

To encourage his daughter to start smoothly from a standstill and brake without slamming into the brake pedal, the father places a bottle with the sweet drink on the dashboard. By the end of the commercial, the young driver is speeding along the deserted roads of the Saudi desert.

Several car companies showed support for the TV commercial launched by Coca-Cola. On the other hand, the drinks manufacturer was accused of using the „Change Has A Taste” commercial to take advantage of the historical legal change. Coca-Cola is planning on investing 100 million dollars to set up a factory in Saudi Arabia in 2019.

Even though they will be allowed to drive and attend sports events at stadiums, the women of the Arabic state will still not be permitted to get a passport or leave the country without the