Get through the summer with Genuine Mercedes-Benz Trucks accessories

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We’ve literally reached the mid point of the summer and temperatures outside are quite clearly showing it. Across Europe, we’re having hot days and warm nights that aren’t long enough to cool off the daytime heat.

It’s good to know you can take a shower or a bath anytime, or even have a swim in the pool if you’re lucky enough, but not everybody is as lucky. There are people who need to work all day long and when they call it a day, they don’t go home, but to a parking space.

It’s the truck drivers who haul across the continent delivering goods and generally making the world go round. The heat isn’t a problem while the AC is running, but you can’t do that all night, now, can you?

Luckily, Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories has solutions for all the brand’s trucks which make the heat and working in the truck on hot days much more bearable.

One such item is the insulating mat developed specifically for the Actros range. It adheres very easily to the glass surface and keeps the heat away as well as blocking most of the light, making sleep come easier during the long summer evenings. The mat is also useful during the winter, when its role is reversed.

Then there’s the 21 liter cool box with 12 or 24 Volt connection and a 7 stage electronic thermostat with LEDs. It keeps beverages cold for a well needed hydration and lowering of the body heat, but it can also do the exact opposite during the winter with hot coffee or tea. It can carry fruits and vegetables just as well, favoring a healthy nutrition.

The alternative to the cool box is the SoloStar collapsible box. This flexible, insulated folding box can be used anywhere, and cools or warms as required. It is also easy to carry thanks to the strap supplied. When not needed, it’s easily folded and stowed away in any compartment.

A variety of stowage bags which precisely fit the stowage compartments so that no space is wasted are also available. They have large top apertures and robust zip fasteners, are the perfect solution for the stowage spaces under the bunk and save the time and effort of packing and unpacking. A laundry bag sized to fit into the stowage compartment above the windscreen has an extra section for a washbag plus a removable dividing wall.

The universal mobile phone cradle in the new and proven Actros has three extra benefits: apart from providing secure stowage for the phone it acts as a charging station, and thanks to an inductive connection to the vehicle’s exterior aerial, it considerably improves reception and therefore the voice quality. Use of the hands-free function is possible via Bluetooth. In the new Actros, the mobile phone can be operated via the multifunction steering wheel when in its cradle.

You think driving a truck is bad? Answer me this: can your car make coffee? Thought not. The Comfort coffee maker available to Actros drivers with a high-quality stainless steel insulating flask, removable water tank, LED operating light, safety power connector and automatic switch-off after brewing is a welcome invitation to take a well-earned coffee-break – anytime and anywhere when on a trip.

All the products in the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories range are comprehensively tested for safety and approved by Mercedes-Benz truck developers. The products are available from Mercedes-Benz service outlets worldwide.