George Clooney slams into Mercedes, ends up in hospital

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George Clooney ended up in the emergency room after slamming into a Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Sardinia, this morning. The actor, driving a motorcycle, did not notice that the car was turning left.

Clooney front-ended the vehicle and was sent into the windshield of the Mercedes-Benz sedan. The blow was so strong that the windshield of the car was smashed into pieces. The accident took place in Costa Carolina of the Italian island Sardinia.

The Mercedes driver walked away unharmed, but the 57-year old actor was soon in the care of the paramedics, who found him on the asphalt. He was conscious, but revealed bruises on arms and legs. Further medical investigation showed that he had also suffered a pelvis trauma. He received treatment and was soon discharged from the hospital. He is currently recovering at the villa he is renting for the summer in Sardinia. His wife Amal and his 1-year old twins, Ella and Alexander, are also there.

This morning, George Clooney was driving to the movie set. He is working on his next installment, but will need a break to recover. For the American star, it is the second motorbike accident, following the one in New York, in 2007.


  • Pringgo Husin says:

    I wish George Clooney and his family a speedy recovery. It’s a terrible incident to hear.

    Although I am shocked that the Mercedes only suffer from a minor body injury, apart from the broken windshield. A coupe of years ago, I read about an accident involving a woman who was driving a Mercedes Benz GLE and she managed to walked out of the car unharmed. (Link below)

    I am definitely intrigued by the safety the car provides. Although it costs more compared to a regular SUV, however, I believe the Pre-safe features and a strong body of the car is essential during an accident. After all, your life is worth more than a car. I don’t want to only praise Mercedes Benz at this time, but I would like to wish a speedy recovery for George Clooney.

    • Elena Luchian says:

      You’re right, just a broken radiator grille after the motorcycle crashed into it. The driver was fine, but well… George Clooney should wear an armor, maybe, when riding his motor :D

      • Yes, it probably didn’t cost that much for repair as it is an old Mercedes. I can’t imagine if that is a new Mercedes, where there are lots of wirings for technological toys. That would costs a fortune without insurance.

        Agreed. I suppose bike riders should have more protection on their attire for safety reasons.