Gazillions of dollars in Abu Dhabi – The car parade that brought the beasts together

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The curtain has dropped in style over the Formula 1 season. The last round of the 2017 competition brought together, besides the best racers in the world, the coolest cars that ever set wheel in the Middle East.

The most exotic of them all was the Mercedes C63 AMG 6×6, that pulled right outside the Yas Marina Circuit. Next to the 3-axle monster, the others seemed midgets, if the conventional G could go by that name. With those eye-catching, show-stopping, head-turning behemoth on the site, nobody had eyes for all the Ferrari-s and Lamborghini-s revving their engines around Abu Dhabi, no matter what prince or sheikh was behind the steering wheel.

Check out the coolest car street parade that ever came to the United Arab Emirates!