When games get real – Forza Motorsport 6

Museum Monday - episode 2
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Sometimes dreams come true. And other times games get real. It happened for the already famous nightguard at the Mercedes-Benz Museum, Uke. He got behind the wheel of a fireball, the Mercedes-AMG 190 E 2.5 Evolution II and raced his friend.

Uke’s friend, Etienne, chose the SLS AMG GT3 Black Falcon for the virtual race. The prize for the winner would be a bottle of champange. Uke jumps the start even before getting into the car. The tricky nightguard starts the race before Etienne gets to pull down the gullwing door.

„How far away are you?”, asks Etienne, shortly before smashing his SLS against the guardrail. Again and again.

„Are you parking the car?”, Uke asks ironically. „You’re not supposed to park, you’re supposed to drive.”


We are not going to disclose the winner of the virtual race on Forza Motorsport 6, you’ll have to find that out for yourself.

But all we can say is that former Formula One driver David Coulthard shows up and exchanges the winner’s bottle of champagne with a picture of the exact same bottle.

In the end, his asks viewers are asked to vote the perfect grille to suit the vehicle that Uke is inventing in the anniversary year: 130 years since the invention of the automobile by Karl Benz and 10 years since the Mercedes-Benz Museum first opened its gates for the public.