The G-Class Joins Vampires in “Immortal Love” on Valentine’s Day

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If the G-Class is not a diagram of immortality in the automotive, than we don’t know what is. In production as a civil vehicle since 1979, the off-roader now joins vampires in “Immortal Love” on Valentine’s Day. It thus proves that it stands the test of time. 

“Immortal Love” represents – as Mercedes-Benz puts it – a cinematic journey. Coming with the “Stronger than time” motto, the G-Class defies mortality in the eight-minute movie the premium carmaker released on Valentine’s Day. It is what vampires do, too.

International star Rimon and the G-Class are here to show that love can overcome the differences between two worlds. Born in Eritrea and raised in the Netherlands, Rimon plays a globally celebrated star rapper leading a double life. In one, she loves naïve music journalist Nathan. In the other, she enjoys the glam and opulence of the eccentric vampire life. “A queen, a concubine, a sculptor and a spy… Playing with fire, blood dripping like booze. Yakuza killing when I’m in the mood.” That’s how she describes herself in one of her songs, while the crowd cheers. And these are not just lyrics of a song she plays during a concert.

After she leaves the venue, on a conversation taking place at high speed on board a G-Class in a G-Class convoy, the two lovers have a tense conversation. Her kind tells her to get rid of the man, because “he is the enemy.” She declines and instead, she overtakes all the other Gs in the convoy. She suddenly turns right, rushing along rough terrain, mud and water. So typical for the G-Class, isn’t it?

She eventually takes him to her birthday party, where she’s celebrating 463 years of life. What happens there is for you to see in the video below.

But before you hit the Play button, you need to know that antoni garage is the agency behind the idea, the concept and implementation of the campaign that rolls on social media and in the new G-Class Private Lounge. The latter is a digital meeting place for the G-Class fans. Mercedes launched the virtual meeting space at the end of January.