The future starts today – Mercedes-Benz is promoting the new E-Class

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class campaign
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Are we ready for what is to come? Nevermind, it is already here! The new E-Class from Mercedes-Benz with self-driving capabilities is taking a huge leap towards a safer accident-free world. The commercials for the most intelligent business limousine are now ready to promote it, as the car is going to hit the showrooms on April, 9.

Mercedes-Benz has released two short video ads to promote its newest and smartest limousine, the E-Class. The videos called “The Journey” and “The Future” bring to the screen the sensual elegant design of the limousine together with its genius brain, that makes the driver safe even when taking hands off the wheel and eyes of the road.

“The Journey” talks about the first car that incorporated self-driving capabilities. It started 30 years ago, on October 1st, 1986, when Daimler-Benz launched the Eureka PROMOTHEUS Project (Program for European Traffic with Highest Efficiency and Unprecedented Safety). Several European car makers, electronics producers, institutes and universities were involved. It was, back then, the largest and probably the most expensive project and development program in the field of autonomous driving, with estimated costs of 749 million euros in the money of today.

That was just a first step towards the self-driving automobile. It was just the beginning of “The Journey”.

“It wasn’t always easy”, the voiceover says, as the video shows the limousine scratching the walls of the testing track. “But we never gave up. It is a dream worth pursuing.”

The second video of the campaign, “The future” starts with a rhetorical question: “Is the world truly ready for a vehicle that can drive itself? Ready or not, the future is here! Introducing the 2017 E-Class from Mercedes-Benz, a concept car that’s already a reality.”

The TV ad has already been aired in Germany and it will reach TV companies from all over the world.

The campaign also includes a new app developed in cooperation with Amazon. The Amazon websites in Germany, France, Great Britain and Japan display a page on the new E-Class, allowing customers a new experience with the new business saloon. Using the “Book test drive” button, potential customers can arrange a test drive with Mercedes-Benz.