Mercedes G 4×42 goes further but the new generation will be developed by AMG. This can be seen from the spy photos published by the German magazine auto motor und sport.
Photo: auto motor und sport

With the G 500 4×42, the Mercedes G-Class demonstrated what it can do in hard off-road just before the end of the life cycle of the former generation. Initially presented as a show car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, the most capable G-Class debuted on the market later. With a prohibitive price of about 250,000 euros, the G 500 4×42 quickly became a collector’s item. The G 500 4×42 was powered by a soft version of 4-liter twin-turbo AMG V8 engine which has less power than in the AMG GT (422 compared with 510 HP) but did not have the AMG logoi in the name.

The new generation will most likely wear the emblem of the Mercedes sports car division. The signs are given by the front spoiler and the side emblems that are still masked. But in order to not diminish the ground clearance, the side exhausts from the normal AMG G 63 are missing.

As in the old generation, the flares of the wider wings can be seen, which also seem to be made of carbon fiber. Compared to the G-Class, the spare wheel has no cover and is fastened with very solid arms to the body. Also, the future Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×42 will keep the portal axles taken from AMG G 63 6×6 which gives it a huge ground clearance of about 45cm.

There will be no surprises at the engine. The same 4-liter AMG V8 bi-turbo engine will be found under the hood, but we expect it to be more powerful. In normal AMG G 63, it develops 585 HP and 850 Nm while in the former G 500 4×42 it had 422 HP and 610 Nm.

We believe that the power will be over 500 HP and considering that it will be sold under the AMG brand, the price will go up to 300,000 euros. The main market will not be Europe, but the Middle East, Russia and the USA. Looking at the spy photos in which the car appears almost completely unmasked, we think that the official presentation will take place soon. It is possible to see her right at the Munich salon in 3 weeks.