Funny MBUX – What does a Mercedes-Benz say when asked about BMW?

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MBUX is the partner that makes life easier onboard the Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The artificial intelligence-based system is capable of learning the habits and the preferences of the driver and behave accordingly. Designed by German engineers, famous for the lack of sense of humour, the MBUX comes to fight the reputation of seriousness of its creators.

The S-Class was the first Benz to receive voice control. The system was called Linguatronic and received commands from the driver without him having the necessity to get his eyes off the road. Two decades and a half later, the MBUX saw the light of day. The all-new A-Class hatchback was the first to receive the technology presented at the 2018 edition of the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The simple uttering of “Hey Mercedes” activates the digital assistant and engages it in a conversation, as it recognizes natural speech and replies promptly. It is enough to complain that you are cold and the heating system is on in a heartbeat. If you should though say that only your hands are cold, the MBUX will instantly turn on the heating in the steering wheel.


The “I’m tired” announcement triggers the search of hotels in the area, while telling the system that you are hungry, will bring several restaurant options along the route.

We have though asked it a few special questions to check whether it is spontaneous enough. What were the replies?

Hey, Mercedes!

How can I help you?

Tell me a joke!

Sorry, I am too busy watching the road!


Sorry, my engineers were German!


It is though obvious that the German engineers had an astonishing sense of humor, granting the car with such answers. The best of them all is the reply on a question on BMW:

Hey, Mercedes!

How can I help you?

What do you think of BMW?

It looks great, but only in my rearview mirror!


Should you feel excessively friendly, MBUX also has the right answers.

Hey, Mercedes!

What can I do for you?

You look great!

Oh, I’m blushing!


And if you should consider appropriate, a love story may begin. Well, the system has nothing against it:

Hey, Mercedes!

What can I do for you?

Do you love me?

Well, you have a lovely voice!