From sea to ski in a Mercedes-AMG G65

Mercedes-AMG G65
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A one day trip from the sea to ski. It happened in California, where two young adventurers got into a Mercedes-AMG G65 and made their way to the beach in the morning then cruised to the mountain side for some skiing.

A 300 miles ride, fun in the sun, in the cold and 10 hours of sunlight. The V12 biturbo of their AMG SUV purred in silence as they enjoyed every second of the road trip.

City and prairie, sand and snow, it’s all fine for the rugged Mercedes-AMG G65. The Dynamic Select will make the ride as comfortable as in any other exclusive limousine.

Our adventurers turn to outlaws and defy the indicators that restrict the access to a closed road. The boxy G runs through the pine forest, along the stop off-road territory, rolling through the snowstorm to reach the slopes of the Californian San Bernardino Mountains for some snowboarding and skiing.

In the evening, they jump, head first, into a hot spring, surrounded by ice. What a way to end such a day!

Video source: Alden Wallace for #MB Photo Pass.