From Russia with love: The tank Mercedes S-Class is for sale [VIDEO]

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The tank Mercedes S-Class (W140) mounted on a large 4×4 chassis is now for sale. Where else if not in Russia, the mother country of all weird Mercedes projects? Video !

Looking for an extreme adventurer with limousine lines? We have what you need … You have in front of you an old Mercedes S500 (W140) mounted on huge all-terrain wheels.

As the owner of the vehicle is Russian, it is difficult to obtain information on this S-Class, probably installed on an existing off-roader chassis (army vehicle?). What is certain is that the craft seems quite at ease in the mud.

For sale in Russia
Discover without further delay the video. The car has a 5.0-liter engine developing 320 horsepower and 10,000 kilometers on the clock. It is on sale in Russia for just over 70,000 euros. Discover the online ad and take a chance on owning a tank-like Mercedes S-Class!