From CLS to E 350 d: New six cylinder diesel engine for Mercedes E-Class

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In April Mercedes-Benz announced the model year update for the E-Class. The E 350 d disappeared without a trace, but no worry: the six-cylinder diesel engine comes back.

In the wake of the minor changes applied to the E-Class range in the spring we welcomed the arrival of the E 300 d, a four-cylinder diesel which with its 245 hp and 500 Nm came seriously near the 258 hp and 620 Nm strong ‘old’ 350 d.

This E 300 d should therefore satisfy the hunger for diesel-horsepower among E-Class buyers after the disappearance of that V6, but soon Mercedes’ mid-sized sedan will get a six-cylinder diesel on board again.

The V-engine is replaced by a six-in-line unit, a policy that Mercedes has been applying consistently lately. The new engine we already know from the S 350 d and CLS 350 d and delivers 286 hp and 600 Nm.

When the E 350 d comes exactly to the showrooms is not yet known and so the pricing also remains under wraps too.

The changes in the engine range of the E-Class also mean that the E-class Limousine and Estate are currently only listed as E200, AMG E 53, AMG E 63, AMG E 63 S, E 200 d and E 220 d on the price list. This means there are considerable gaps in the range, but Mercedes will undoubtedly fill them in the coming months.

Mercedes E-Class gets new engines and minor updates for 2019 model year