French footballer Kingsley Coman came to training in a Mercedes G-Class instead of Audi sponsor’s car

Kingsley Coman did it again
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The left wing Kingsley Coman, who plays for Bayern Munich, came to his team’s training sessions in a Mercedes G-Class personal car instead of showing up with the car of the sponsor Audi, informs the German daily Bild. Because of this, he risks a fine of 50,000 euros.

Foto: Audi,

Bayern Munich has a sponsorship deal with Audi which is estimated at 50 million euros. One of the clauses of this sponsorship contract is that the players had to come to the training sessions and to the official actions of the club in the Audi cars given by the sponsor at the beginning of each season.
Audi is also a shareholder of Bayern Munich with 8.33% of the shares.

The sponsorship deal from Audi and Bayern Munich has been extended until 2029. Last year the players received each an Audi e-Tron Sportback 55 Quattro.

However, Coman either forgot or was not interested in the fact that he could be fined and was caught by the paparazzi from the German daily Bild in his white Mercedes G-Class car. The Frenchman did not even avoid the eyes of the press and did not park in the underground parking lot at the stadium but in the parking lot next to the training ground.

For his recklessness, Kingsley Coman risks a fine of 50,000 euros. For some people, 50,000 euros is a fortune but for the French it is only peanuts, its annual salary being 8.43 million euros without bonuses.Somehow the choice of the French can be understood because Audi does not have in the range an off-roader as capable as the Mercedes G-Class.

The funny thing is that the Frenchman is not ath the first action like this. In April 2020 he was caught coming at training in a McLaren 570S Spider.
Then, Coman apologized for not being able to take Audi because he had an incident and had a broken mirror and promised Audi an hour-long autograph session.
After apologizing to the club and Audi, Coman was exempted from the fine. We are curious what excuse he will find now. Maybe if the training ground was on top of a mountain he would have excused himself for choosing an off-roader with three lockable differentials.