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Mercedes-Benz plans a range of four electric vehicles to compete with Tesla Models. CAR Magazine announced that Mercedes would launch the first of four electric cars in 2018, one year earlier than planned.

It seems that the BMW i strategy is the way agreed also by Mercedes-Benz. CAR Magazine revealed the “Ecoluxe” project a year ago. Two billion euros will be invested in a range consisting of two Mercedes EV saloons and two EV crossovers.

Sources quoted by CAR Magazine have revealed that the first car – a saloon sized between the Mercedes C and the E-Class will come to the market in 2018, one year earlier than it was planned.

The reason is that Mercedes needs a car to compete with the future EV models from VW Group – the Audi Q6 e-Tron and the Porsche Mission E.

The new platform for the Ecoluxe project will be named EVA. It is a logical name in which the EV letters indicate the electric propulsion and the A stands for “architecture”, just like for the MFA (front wheel drive architecture) and for the MRA (rear wheel drive architecture).

The first car based on the EVA platform will be a saloon positioned between the C and the E-Class, followed very soon by a similarly sized crossover, which will be placed between the GLC and the GLE.

The five seats mid-sized saloon and SUV will measure 4,700 mm in length, with a wheelbase of 2,700 mm. The style, the proportions and the front grille with the four longitudinal bars will be inspired from the Concept IAA, presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015.

Subsequently, the range will be extended with an S-Class sized saloon and a second SUV, even larger than today’s GLS.

The initial plans to build Mercedes EV cars in a completely new factory has been ditched. The all vehicles based on the EVA platform will be built at the Bremen plant in northern Germany.

The EVA platform is not 100% original. It combines elements from the MRA platform, like the electronic platform, the suspension and the basic body structure. The battery will fill almost the entire floorpan like in case of the Tesla Model S and X.

The battery pack weighs around 400 kg and the propulsion will be provided by the one or two electric motors.

The versions with rear wheel drive will be powered by a 300 kw engine, while the four wheel drive will add another electric engine with 90 or 150 kw for the front wheels.

Mercedes has very ambitious plans with the EV range. The target is to sell 20,000 units of each bodystyle per year at prices starting around 80-90,000 euros.

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