Floyd Mayweather’s special ride is a 1996 Mercedes-Benz

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This must be so damn hard for him, waking up every single day of his life to the very same constantly renewing million dollar car fleet and getting the same dilemma again and again: which car should I drive today? Well, today, he’s taking us on a ride in his 1996 Mercedes 600.

Cars come and go out of Floyd Mayweather’s garage in the blink of an eye, but there is one that has already spent almost two decades in there. It is his 1996 Mercedes-Benz S 600.

And it is a special day that the five-division world champion is sharing. His white limousine with a V12 engine has just reached 30 000 miles (48 280 km). He got it back in 1996.

Mayweather 600

“That’s why this car is so special to me”, he says. “And if you’ve got an old school car and you’ve got an old school tape deck, it’s only right that you have tapes”, the ten-time world champion says, as he inserts the old-school storage feature into the cassette recorder.

In the short video, Floyd Mayweather drives and speaks of lack of sleep and feeling sorry for the fans he sometimes must refuse. “I want to give my daughter undevided attention”, he justifies the “no”s. And he forgot to mention the two cars he had just bought her for her 14th birthday: a $135 000 Mercedes G550 and a $139 000 Mercedes S550. But she must turn 16 before she gets behind the wheel, so right now the little princess is just being driven around.

It may sound strange that the most special car in Floyd Mayweather’s amazing car fleet is a 2-decades old Mercedes-Benz. An this is not his only Mercedes: he also keeps two Maybach models, a G-Class, an S limo and an SLS AMG, all bearing a customized logo on the rear end.

Never defeated as a professional boxer, Mayweather has a $7.3 million worth car collection. Three Bugatti Veyron, $2-million each, a couple of Ferraris, a Lamborghini Aventador for $400 000, a Porsche 911 for $180 000 – isn’t that quite cheap? – and so many others of which he forgot both number and price.

Mayweather car collection

Hopefully, he will remember how to fight Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, in Las Vegas, a match finally set to take place after years of negotiations.

For a trip to the supermarket, Floyd Mayweather would ask his personal chauffeur to pull out the Enzo. But for special night rides, he takes the Mercedes himself.


Photo source: Celebrity Cars Blog.