First video of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 – Ready, steady, go!

Mercedes-AMG GT3
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Ready, steady, go! The Mercedes-AMG GT3 is ready to race any rival. Well… only on its way to Geneva so far, the place where the epic car will be displayed for the first time.

Mercedes-Benz released the first video featuring the new supercar AMG-GT3, one day after the new pictures of the car went viral. The riotous 6.3-liter V8 is already storming the racetrack, in a demonstration of power, a combination of exhaust sound and techno music.

But we’re not allowed to see too much of the glorious track machine just yet. The GT3 is set to ring in the 2015 motorsport season, by the beginning of March. But before officially hitting the racetrack, it will make its debut on the red carpet in Geneva. So watch the first less than 20 seconds of the ring runner:

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