First video of the Mercedes A-Class facelift. Car made to go far!

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We bring you the first images ever of the all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class and Mercedes A 45 AMG in motion. The range has gone through a major makeover, both visual and power-wise.

Mercedes-Benz has just released this new hot video of its latest facelift model. The first to make a noise (it’s the Sport mode bringing this symphony to our ears) is the A 45 AMG. The red wine colored vehicle that looks pretty much like a winning formula, runs along the racetrack, biting the edges.

Afterwards, the video switches to a more peaceful environment. The green A cruises along a country road flanked by yellow fields of cole. But the peace and quite is just an illusion when it comes to A-Class.


The silver Motorsport Edition in the video is anything but peaceful and quite. The car with petrol green (Petronas green, that is) ornaments marks the successful partnership in Formula 1. The bright green hue is displayed on front and rear bumper, rear wing, wheel rims, while the vehicle sports AMG wheels and side mirrors. The revamped interior of the A perfectly matches the exterior color combination and rampancy.

That’s as far as we go disclosing, now it’s time for you to enjoy the ride!

Are you back to reality yet? Ok, you can linger a little longer… We’ll just let you know when Monday strikes to stop the dreaming. And when reality cuts in, click right here for all the full tech data about the Mercedes A-Class facelift.