FIRST COMPARISON TEST. Hot 2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe versus BMW X4

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2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe meets its nemesys. First comparison test pits the hottest Benz today against the BMW X4, courtesy of

Sexy SUV Coupes are all the rage today. The offshoot of an SUV and a sports car, which offers the high seating position clients love so much. Design sells, but, we must also talk about the smaller trunks, about the poor backwards overview and less headroom. All that for 5,000 Euros extra credit. But hey, a coupe is a coupe, a statement of design and lifestyle, and in this arena we have different laws and values.

The 2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe has not fundamentally changed in the conversion from the regular GLC to coupe. The wheelbase and MRA platform remained basically the same. Even the high-quality interior has been widely adopted, but the four-centimeter lower roof and the seven cm longer hatchback make the difference: from front and rear, the coupe now looks beefy, flat and stretched, having greater road presence than its regular sibling.

This style conversion has done wonders commercially since 2014 over at BMW. The X4 optically sets itself apart from the X3. And also the handling is up a gear or two. The lower center of gravity and stiffer stabilizers, springs and dampers conceal the heavy weight. Despite its 1890 kg (empty) mass, the four-wheel driven X4 with its six-cylinder petrol is a very spontaneous and agile driving machine. The optional adaptive chassis (1,100 euros) even grants a good level of comfort.

2017-mercedes-glc-coupe-x4 (32)

Mercedes trims the GLC Coupe with standard with sports suspension, 18-inch wheels and offers as an extra the air suspension (2,261 euros) or a steel suspension with adjustable damping (1,130 euros). A switch on the center console allows the GLC Coupe to modulate its driving character between a comfortable or sporty one, for a committed driving style with more feedback and less understeer. The best part: unlike the Munich rival the 2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe is, even in the tightest mode, never harsh or uncomfortable. Short shift times of the automatic 9G-Tronic 9-speed transmission can be regarded as ideal too. The matching soundtrack is provided by the sports exhaust system (416 Euro).

2017-mercedes-glc-coupe-x4 (27)

While the X4 comes with four gasoline units (184 to 360 hp) and three diesel engines (190-313 hp), the Mercedes debuts in September with three four-cylinder units (170-211 hp, 220 d, 250 d and 250) – all with nine-speed automatic and all-wheel drive as standard. From December comes the 350 d, 300 and the plug-in hybrid version 350 e, which is the only variant equipped with the 7G-Tronic. Although about 8,000 euros more expensive than the GLC 250 coupe with the same two-liter turbo engine, it convinces with its low NEDC fuel consumption and the clever drive and energy management.

2017-mercedes-glc-coupe-x4 (11)

Interior impressess in both instances

Little sets the two apart, despite their age difference, in terms of the external and internal dimensions. For the luggage compartment, the same volume is given (500-1400 liters), but the BMW is more practical compared to the Mercedes which suffers due to the higher loading floor. In turn, the rear passengers sit less comfortable in the back of the X4 because of the lower bench with less leg rest. The cockpit of the BMW also makes a little drab impression.

Also, the navigation display is smaller, but the operation via iDrive is still more intuitive than in the GLC Coupe with its double level menu navigation via rotary push button or touchpad.

2017-mercedes-glc-coupe-x4 (30)


The very sense of an SUV-coupe is not worth arguing, because the individual appearance outweighs many disadvantages in respect to space, visibility and price. What is impresses the most is the manufacturers’ will to make the driving experience more intense and dynamic. With the new adaptive steel chassis Mercedes is now closer than ever in terms of agility  to the BMW, but dispenses with any hardness in the suspension and adopts a more tantalizing design than the X4.

Price (Euro, Germany)
49.980 € 49.445 €
Lenght x Wide x Height (mm) 4732 x 1890 x 1602 4732 x 1890 x 1602 mm
Luggage (liters) 500 bis 1400 L 500 bis 1400 L
Engine (displacement)
2143 cm³ / 4-Zylinder 1991 cm³ / 4-Zylinder
Power/Torque (PS/Nm) 170/400 211/350
Maximum speed (km/h) 210 222
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 8,3 7,3
Mixed consumption (l/100 km)
5,0 6,9


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  • Alex says:


    A little unclear on the closin statements of the article. You say the Mercedes is closer than ever to BMW agility with the new chassis. Then you say but is has hardness in the suspension and tantalizing style? Is that a bad thing? I’m confused on the comparison. Hopefully it’s positive toward the Mercedes because I think the bmw comes close in to Merc, but at the end the Mercs are just a little better imo.