First teaser: Mercedes-Benz EQS luxury electric limo previewed

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Mercedes-Benz has a wide range of electric newcomers in the pipeline. The largest of the set is the luxury electric sedan EQS, a car which sees its first teaser image published today.

Mercedes-Benz sends an image into the world that it claims to show great innovations in the field of lighting technology over the years. Not only are various well-known historical models highlighted, Mercedes-Benz also looks ahead.

The brand describes the special lighting of the Vision EQS, the study model that debuted in Frankfurt this September. That show car was equipped with a digital grille that was built from no less than 940 LEDs. In the picture we see a car under a cloth, but it does not seem to be simply the Vision EQS, but the actual production version of it.

The Vision EQS is the harbinger for the EQS, a fully electric sedan set in the S-Class segment. It seems strongly that it is the production version that is parked here under a brown cloth. The shape of the grille and the light coming from the LED headlights deviate from that of the very futuristic-looking Vision EQS.

However, we don’t get much more from this teaser and we still have to guess the exact specifications of the production Mercedes-Benz EQS powertrain. The Vision EQS had a 100 kWh large battery pack, good for a range of 700 kilometers.

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