First spy photo Mercedes-AMG One hypercar (2021)

Mercedes-AMG One 2021
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The street legal sports car Mercedes-AMG One with F1 engine is delayed and will reach customers in 2021. Auto motor und sport has released the first spy photo of the new AMG hypercar.

Credit photo: auto motor und sport

The Mercedes AMG Project One was presented in 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the message of Mercedes-AMG was very clear: We put the Formula 1 car on the street, alluding to the fact that the propulsion system is taken from the F1 car.

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The propulsion system is similar to that of F1.

The MGU-K is very similar to the electric motor found in Plug-In Hybrid systems on street cars. It is connected to the petrol engine and when braking recovers the energy lost through heat and supports the heat engine during acceleration. The MGU-K electric motor is connected to the crankshaft of the heat engine but directly engages the rear wheels and can propel the car itself.

MGU-H is an electric motor that acts on the turbine. Normally, the exhaust gases rotate the turbine blades and it drives the compressor that introduces the pressurized air into the cylinders. MGU-H is located between them and when the exhaust gases spin the turbine, energy is produced and is stored in the battery.

And when the car accelerates, the electricity is used to turn the compressor so that there is no more turbo-lag. A similar system with an electrically driven turbine has recently been introduced on street cars on some Audi and Mercedes models.

The first spy photo shows the AMG hypercar running on a circuit in Germany. Mercedes-AMG says it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h and catches over 350 km / h but can also be driven electrically.

Lewis Hamilton told auto motor und sport magazine: “The car behaves like a cannonball and it speeds up incredibly and sounds like a racing car.”
In fact, Hamilton was the only one who participated in the tuning of this hypercar whose final name will be Mercedes-AMG One so that the similarity with F1 is complete.

Mercedes-AMG One 2021

But it was the propulsion system taken from F1 that delayed entry into production. In fact, the propulsion system of the Mercedes-AMG One is even more complicated than that of the F1 car because in addition to the electric motor MGU-K that helps propulsion and MGU-H that drives the turbine, AMG One has other two electric motors on the front axle.

It seems that engineers from the Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrians F1 division in England and AMG in Germany have underestimated the problems that can arise when you want to use an F1 engine in a street car.
An F1 engine is designed to withstand a few races, ie 1500-2,000 km but not 50,000 or 100,000 km. Then there are the problems with emissions because catalytic systems must be used to comply with Euro 6d standards.

In the past, Porsche had a similar idea but gave up. Now Aston Martin wants to do the same with the Valkyrie hypercar. Certainly, Mercedes-AMG will finally find the solutions so that AMG One can drive on the street and respect emissions. It remains to be seen, however, how sensitive the engine will be and how complicated its maintenance will be.

AMG-One will appear on the market but the question is when. The most optimistic scenario is 2021. Only 275 units will be built for a price of 2.275 million euros plus VAT.