First ride Mercedes EQS SUV by Motor Trend

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The Mercedes EQS SUV is just as comfortable on the road as the EQS sedan but adds some off-road qualities.

Photo: Motor Trend

Built on the EQS EVA2 platform, the Mercedes EQS SUV has a higher ground clearance and comes additionally with an inclinometer to measure elevation and slope angles and more useful off-road information such as ground clearance position. Colleagues at american magazine Motor Trend previewed a camouflaged version because the official unveiling of the SUV, which will be produced at Mercedes’  plant from Alabama, Tuscaloosa, won’t take place until April 19, 2022.

The Mercedes EQS SUV has no locking differential or low-range but there is an off-road mode. The standard air suspension offers a comfortable ride even in off-road and is similar to that of the EQS limousine.
Like the EQS, the Mercedes EQS SUV has the same high-capacity 107.8 kWh battery. At launch, only twin-engine versions offering virtual all-wheel drive will be available but a rear-wheel drive version may be offered at a later date, acoording to Motor Trend.

Range should be comparable to that of the EQS 580 which can go 340 miles between charges. However, we expect it to be slightly lower as the Cx will be lower due to the higher height and higher ground clearance.

The EQS SUV’s size is comparable to the GLS and an optional third row of seats will be offered. The lines are closer to a coupe SUV and the front bonnet is short like the EQS. Of course, the radiator grille will be closed and will integrate the logo and headlights.

The interior of the Mercedes EQS SUV has not been masked so similarities to the EQS can be seen. The 56-inch Hyperscreen that hides the three displays, two 12.3-inch and one 17.7-inch is optional. If the driver looks at the display to the passenger’s right, the camera detects that the driver has taken his eyes off the road and darkens the passenger display.

As with the EQS and S-Class, the controls for adjusting the door seats are no longer physical, but touch sensitive. So they no longer move and respond only to finger pressure. Neither will touchscreen or voice-operated door opening controls be available at launch.Also, the Mercedes EQS SUV will not have a boot under the front bonnet like other electric models. That space will be used by Mercedes for the HEPA filter for cabin air quality. And there will be a fragrance system offering unique scents including a new scent named No. 6 MOOD mimosa.

The range of luxury electric models from Mercedes that debuted with the EQS last year (EQS 450+, EQS 580 4Matic+ plus AMG versions) will be completed with the EQS SUV, EQE sedan (from June) and EQE SUV (from 2023).