First ride 2020 Mercedes S-Class prototype by Autocar

First review Mercedes S-Class W223
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Mercedes promises to revolutionize the dynamics of luxury limousines with the seventh-generation Mercedes S-Class by offering two types of integral steering and a range of dynamic systems that make the 2020 S-Class the most agile driver-focused luxury limousine.

As we already mentioned in the first presentation, the new Mercedes S-Class will be presented on September 2 after a three-episode series (the first two have already taken place and revealed the new multimedia system and the new suspension options with dynamic and assistance systems) and will be the first non-AMG Mercedes to receive integral steering.

As we said, the integral steering is not new in this class and the BMW 7 Series and Audi A8 have been offering it for a long time. And of this trio, BMW has always been the most focused driver.

While the all-wheel drive systems from rival models offer only a small steering angle for the rear wheels, the new Mercedes S-Class offers two options, one up to 4.5 degrees and one up to 10 degrees. In the case of the rear steering angle of 10 degrees, the turning circle is reduced by 2 meters to 10.2 meters, according to S-Class chief engineer Jurgen Weissinger, while the Audi A8 has a turning circle of 11.4 m when equipped with dynamic all-wheel steering.

The new integral steering system will provide better manoeuvrability in tight spaces but also improved handling and stability at high speeds. Colleagues from Autocar magazine took a place in the rear seat of the prototype very close to the production car for a short test and confirmed that the new S-class approaches narrow spaces easily and offers the maneuverability of a much smaller car.

Weissinger said: “It’s a whole new world. The turning circle is better than that of the A-Class.It really is a game-changer”.

And the 4matic all-wheel drive system is new as well as the optional E-Active Body Control suspension that includes the curve function to counteract body roll in corners and Road surface scan with a camera that scans the road and adjusts the suspension according to road quality.

Built on the second generation of the MRA platform, Autocar announces that the S-Class will be offered in three wheelbase: short, long and extended. In addition to the normal versions, there will be the AMG sports versions, and the luxury Maybach and Pullman versions.

As we have been informed, the new Mercedes S-Class Coupe and Cabrio will not have successors, being cut off from the list by the new chief Ola Kallenius, who directs the development funds towards the future EQS.

first ride 2020 Mercedes S-Class W223

Autocar Magazine confirm that the standard wheelbase has been increased by 71 mm to 3106 mm while in the long wheelbase version it has increased by 51 mm to 3,216 mm offering more space in the rear for precious passengers who sit on the rear bench.
Mercedes has not yet announced the range of engines but as we also announced, Autocar confirms that the new Mercedes S-Class W223 will receive the new 6-cylinder in-line 3 liter turbo engines and V8 bi-turbo 4 liter mild hybrid with 48V network. There will also be available the new 3-liter diesels in two power versions.

The 6-liter V12 engine does not disappear, but it will only exist in the Maybach versions.

There will be, as before, a single Mercedes S580 e Hybrid Plug-In version that will combine the 6-cylinder in-line 3 liter turbo engine and an electric motor located between the heat engine and the gearbox. The novelty is the much larger battery, of 31.2 kWh taken from the GLE 350 de which will give a WLTP range of over 100 km.

Source: Autocar