First review S 500 and S 63 AMG Coupe by Autoexpress

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Auto Express tested S 500 Coupe and S 63 AMG Coupe with curve tilting function.


Mercedes has a tradition of building fast, elegant coupes and traditionally it’s always launched them with some sort of ground breaking technology. And it’s the same story with the S-Class Coupe.The Mercedes S-Class Coupe is based on the new S-Class saloon and replaces the old CL.

The bodywork is all new with sharp creases and a long bonnet, sloping roof and a neat spoiler integrated into the boot lid. The range topping S63 AMG model has a body kit and forged alloy wheels.

All S-Class Coupe models feature intelligent headlamps, and the daytime running lights and indicator repeaters feature Swarowski crystals to produce a clearer light.
They also get a glass panoramic sunroof which in no way impedes on rear practicality. The sunroof can also be specced with Mercedes’ ‘Magic Sky’ sunroof, which darkens the glass at the touch of a button.

In the rear there is no space like in the S-Class but for a such coupe, the space offer is enough.
It’s clear than Mercedes has gone all out with the interior on the S-Class, and the cabin is different in terms of layout to the saloon. The quality of the materials are top class.

The S63 AMG models also benefit from some sporty add ons, but rest assured – every model in the line-up oozes quality.

Like the S-Class saloon, the S-Class Coupe is supremely comfortable thanks to its air suspension, and the Magic Body Control improves this further. The camera which „see” the road adapt very quickly the suspension settings to the reality of the road and is like you fly over the asphalt.
However, the S-Class Coupe features some new ground breaking technology called Curve Tilt Control.
This system uses the car’s computer controlled suspension to lean into the corner like a motorbike does in order to boost comfort. The Curve Tilt Function is not to improve cornering speeds but  increase comfort in bends. At the first impression, it seems a little bit artificial.

The S-Class Coupe is also supremely quiet, despite being powered by a 5.5-litre biturbo V8 and being able to go from 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds in case of the AMG version. The alternative is the S 500 with 4.7 bi-turbo engine with 455 HP.

As the S-Class saloon, S-Class Coupe has the quietest cabin from the whole car industry.

The S63 AMG Coupe also comes with upgraded suspension, upgraded brakes and an MCT gearbox. The latter isn’t the smoothest system in the world, but overall, it handles very well.

For Great Britain the regret is that 4Matic version is not available in combination with right hand drive.

In conclusion, S 63 AMG Coupe is not an SLS though, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s been designed to be a very quick, gadget laden cruiser which is the most comfortable of its type on the market – and that’s exactly what it is.